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No Booking Fees for Owners or Guests!

Florida’s Finest Villas has been created by a home owner for home owners.  It is more than just an advertising website, it is a whole booking management suite.  The site has been designed to give you the owner maximum control for a simple annual payment, there is no middle man , no commission and nobody trying to get in the middle of communication between you and your guest.

The money taken from owners will ensure that the site is advertised and maximized to get the best rating on google and bing.  We don’t expect to be number 1 straight away but we do expect to be within the top 10 key search’s for villa’s in Florida within 2019.

Why did I create this?  I was tired of websites (that I was paying over £250 per year) where you couldn’t give your email or phone number for a guest to contact you.  I enjoy talking to my guests and I wanted that to be easy not frustrating when you get ****** instead of the phone number you sent.    I was also using a separate booking system to send me reminders about important things that I had to do like get the balance or send out the information to guests.  Renting my home is not my full time job and I didn’t want to be stressing about it, I wanted to enjoy it but still be professional and organised.  I have taken a long time going over each and every detail with a leading web design company in Scotland who have created the site to my exact specifications.  I don’t expect the site to stop here, it will of course evolve as owners and guests needs change.

Benefits of our site

  • Create your own property listing online easily
  • Receive booking enquirers direct from potential guests by email or phone
  • No booking fees for owners or guests
  • Advanced search options for potential guests
  • Google Map showing location
  • The ability to communicate directly with your potential guests
  • Ability to upload unlimited large photos, videos and virtual tours
  • Availability calendar can syn via ical feed
  • Update your own advert 24 hours of the day
  • Send out out your property booking form with your terms and conditions attached
  • Your booking form is automatically updated into your booking system with all the relevant details
  • You can generate an ical feed from the system to give to your onsite property manager to ensure they are aware of all your bookings
  • The booking manager will automatically send a reminder email, to both guest and owner,  5 days before the balance is due to be paid.
  • The booking manager will send a reminder email to the owner 3 weeks before the guests arrives to remind them to send the “property information pack” to guests
  • The booking manager will send a survey request to the guest 24 hours after their departure from the property
  • The booking manager will send the owner a reminder 14 days after the guest has departed to remind them to return to the security deposit if they haven’t already done so
  • At any given time the guest will be able to view their own booking
  • Potential guests will be able to favorite their properties to enable them to come back to their search later
  • A monthly newsletter will be sent out to all those registered as potential guests (subject to GDPR)
  • All owners will have the ability to advertise their home on our Facebook page
  • Any last minute availability will be highlighted to potential guests via a link on the main page

Advertise on Florida’s Finest Villas for only £120 per year

Once you have created an account and added a property to the site, you will receive an invoice for the listing.  Your advert wont go live until payment has been made.

We do have a few simple rules for all home owners to follow

  1. Your availability calendar must be kept up to date
  2. Your photos must be current
  3. Your property must be exactly as described
  4. You must be the registered owners and licence holder.


To create an account click here then simply add your property information.


Short of time – no problem simply create the account and send us your email address, the address of the property and a link to your website, Facebook page or anywhere you currently list your property and we will do the rest.  Send the details to

If you have any questions about the site or want to give us feedback then please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing

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